Boosted Rev: Battery Cells Replace - Part 2

How-To DIY Boosted Scooter Battery Repair

Today, I started to disassemble the battery pack. To be able to better manipulate the battery, I started by removing the BMS board. First thing was to solder off the negative cable once more. I removed two screws and wanted to lift the board. Sadly it was glued again! Thankfully snap-off knife was able to help here. Start with softly lifting the board from the middle of the battery. Take a look under the board and try to carefully cut through the glue with your knife. Once you are done, lifting the board should be no problem. Once the board is free, you can easily solder off the positive side of the battery, and take the board off completely.

Now was the time to get off the yellow ribbon cable. Be careful there! You need to solder off about thirteen of those contacts!. Make sure you never connect two contacts at once, otherwise you get a pretty nice spark as I did.

Once the ribbon cable is out of our way, we should be able to safely wrap all those contact with insulation tape, and be able to remove all three metal rods connecting the blocks. After removing them, we can fold the battery as can be seen in the picture. We now gained nice access to each battery cell.

This is all for today, as I am not sure what are going to be my next steps.

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